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Welcome to the dance school ElStudio

We have been around for more than 20 years and we have a lot of dance classes centrally located in Copenhagen. All our teachers are professional, educated, educational and have a fun and relaxed form of teaching.


The school leader, Stine Ortvad, was one of the first to introduce Salsa to the Danish audience. She is the only Dane trained at the National Dance School (Escuela Nacional de Arte) in Havana, Cuba, at a 4-year long study. 


At our place, the joy of dancing is essential.



What types of dance do we offer?


All our ballroom dances are for singles and couples alike. If you come with your own dance partner, you can dance together all the time. If you come alone, you dance with a lot of different people. At our place, everyone feels welcome to learn a lot of dance.


We have Salsa classes at a lot of levels. We also have classes in Rueda de Casino, Mambo, Son, Rumba, Tango, Forro, Gafiera, Standard-Latin, Reggaetón, Latin Mix, Samba, Afro-Cuban/Brazilian dances.

At Salsa and Reggaetón for women, Reggaetón, Salsa Moves, Latin Mix, Samba, Ragga/Dancehall, Bellydance, Bollywood dance, Dance technic, Jazz and Modern Ballet, Afro-Cuban and Rumba you dance alone.

In these team, you will sweat a lot, so remember your workout clothes, and good sneakers/dancing shoes. In the classes, you will work with the movements in the dance, by focusing on your hips, posture and shoulders. All this can also be used for couples dancing.



Youngsters and adults can, amongst others, take classes in; Dancehall, Twerk, RetroMix, Reggaetón, Dancefit, Dance technic, Modern and Jazz Ballet, Bellydance, Bollywood, Burlesque, Girly Hip Hop, Streetdance and much more.   

For children, we offer dances in; MTV dance, MGP dance, Rhythmic dance and much more.




We have different dance programs in ElStudio, and there are classes in many different styles. If you want to dance as a group on a team, you can choose a style from our Dancing classes here. However, if you want to dance with a partner, you can choose a team from Salsa, Bachata and the Ballroom Dance Program here. There are both classes for "beginners", "intermediate" and "advanced". We of course also have a lot of children's classes you can take a look at here



If you have received tuition with another teacher or on a trip, you can jump to a course corresponding to your level at any time. You only pay for the times that are left on the class in the current season.



There is no age limit on our team. The teams are for everyone. However, children and adolescents over 14 may participate in an adult team.



Are you an experienced dancer and need new inspiration? Or do you need to be brushed a bit so your dance flows better? Then you have a lot to pick up from us. We have a continuous new inspiration home from Cuba, which we will happily share.






If you don't have time during the week or you want some extra lessons, we have intensive workshops throughout the year where everyone can participate. Our workshops are for everyone as they are divided into different levels.


These are constantly updated with new dates and can be found under "Event Calendar" in the menu. We also conduct ongoing intensive workshops with guest teachers from around the world.



Trial classes/Drop-in classes


If you are in doubt about a class, you can book a trial. Trial classes cost 60 DKK for adults and 40 DKK for children. You can try all the classes, but only once per. class and only if you have not previously tried the class. That way, you can be sure that you choose the right one before you choose which class to sign up for.

You can also choose to buy drop-in classes for the different classes. Drop in classes can be purchased for the same class several times opposite trial classes. It's optimal for you who do not want to sign up for a full season because you know you can not participate every time. It costs 90 DKK for adults and can not be bought for children. You can read more about both trial classes and drop-in classes here.


Private lessons


We also offer private lessons to individuals and couples, as well as issuing gift certificates. This makes it possible to delight your partner, friends or family with an experience they never forget.



For all our courses it is recommended to have loose clothing and soft rubber shoes. In the Korsgadehallen there are baths, but elsewhere, there is only restrooms as changing conditions.



We are looking forward to seeing you at our dance school.

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