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  • 1.200 EUR, about 9.000 DKK for a single room 

  • 1.000 EUR, about 7.500 DKK for a double room pr. person

Incl. in the price:


  • 10-day Salsa Course, 3 hours daily tuition.

  • Your very own Cuban dance partner.

  • 14 nights at Hotel Kohly in a single room or double room.

  • Half board; morning and evening buffet.

Excl. in price, but mandatory things you need to take care of by yourself:


  • Flight tickets

  • Afternoon / evening activities: 150 EUR (approximately 1,120 DKK) Paid in Cuba

  • Dancing partner's drink money: 200 EUR (approximately 1,500 DKK) Paid in Cuba

  • Visa: 250 - 400 DKK for visa

  • Travel and health insurance


Here's a detailed description of what the package contains and forms of payment.


The hotel


During the course, we live in a cosy hotel 10-15 minutes by car from the city centre. The teaching takes place in the hotel in nice rooms with air conditioning or outdoors under the palms. At the hotel, there are both swimming pools, tennis courts, bowling alley, fitness centre, massage, sauna, wifi, lovely greenery nearby and a netcafé.


The price for 14 nights with half board (morning and evening buffet) in a single room is 1000 EUR. If you want a double room, the price is only 800 EUR (pr. person). 


It is possible to arrive before the course and stay after. Here, each extra night costs the hotel in a single room 72 EUR, double room 58 EUR per person, incl. two meals.


The address is: Hotel Kohly, Ave. 49-Ay 36, Reparto Kohly, Havana, Cuba

Salsa Course


The salsa course contains 3 hours of daily teaching in Cuba for 10 days. As well as a unique opportunity as a course student to come to visit the National Dance School and watch them train.


We will also take you to the salsa concert at Casa de la Musica, along with the Cuban dancers at our school. In addition, there will be a small walk into the beautiful Old Town of Havana.


At the end of the first week, we will have a salsa party at the hotel on Friday for all students, dance partners and teachers. The week after, there are no programmed activities in the afternoon and evening, but our guide will come up with suggestions for things that can be done every day.


The price of the salsa course is 200 EUR.


We will send a total invoice for the course, stay and half board, etc., which must be paid before departure.


These activities are part of the package and are paid separately in Cuba. All dissertations take place during the first week.


  • A guided tour of the beautiful old Havana

  • A salsa concert with all the Cuban dancers and instructors, with subsequent dinner

  • A visit to The National Dance School La Ena

  • A trip to salsa disco along with all the Cuban dances.


This is paid on the first day for our tour guide in Cuba. The price is 150 EUR.


Tips: is mandatory in Cuba and 200 EUR are paid in cash directly to the Cuban dance partner to be awarded during the course. This takes place on the last day of the course.



The plane tickets you need to buy yourself. A ticket to Cuba costs between 6000-9000 DKK depending on the time of year. Booking your ticket well in advance is a good idea, as you can save a lot of money. Search the web. You may need to use Momondo or Kilroy Travels.

Remember to buy health insurance and if you want, travel and cancellation insurance. It can be done through rejseforsikringsguidecubaGouda or Europæiske Erv.

One week before departure, you will receive a link to a private Facebook group with the other participants, so you can see if there are others with the same flight.

Visa to Cuba


A visa is required to travel to Cuba. You can buy your visa via the Cuban embassy.

It can be purchased very cheaply by contacting mail:, mobile 22413049, who has an office in the inner city.

It is also possible to purchase a visa at Svane Rejser. They have made an agreement with the embassy, so we can issue the visa to all (except stateless passports and passports issued in Cuba) online via our website. The applicant sends a scan/photo of the passport data/picture page, pays 485 DKK. Then they will send the visa with the mail on the same day. 

Alt Rejser (Vesterbrogade 6D) sell them for 400 DKK. You can get your visa right away if you meet up with your passport and ticket. Otherwise, contact them if you want it differently.




Sign up by sending us an email with the following:


  • Full name

  • Address

  • Mobile number

  • Passport number

  • Dance Level

  • Arrival and departure date of the hotel

  • Age, height (so we can find a suitable dance partner for you)

Once we have received everything, you will receive a total invoice for the course, stay and half board, etc. As well as a voucher at the hotel from the Cuban "Agency AdaTravel". You must take care if flight, travel insurance and visa yourself.

Registration deadline: no later than two weeks before the departure date.


In the case of cancellations, the following rules apply: In principle, it is a binding registration, but for cancellations 3 months before, 25% of the fee is charged. At 2 months before, 50% of fee is charged. If you cancel later, there is no possibility of a return. In case of illness and the like we refer to cancellation insurance etc.

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