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As a member at ElStudio you get:


  • 20% discount on tuition/entertainment for this year's Christmas party.

  • 20% of all workshops.

  • 20% of all private lessons.

  • ElStudio's children get free entrance with 1 companion for our summer party and Christmas season final

  • ElStudio's children get a t-shirt with ElStudio logo at the end of the Christmas season

  • Free entrance if you perform at the Christmas season final (all companions must pay entrance).

  • A newsletter from us at approx. once a month with info about all the exciting activities we have on and outside the school.

  • A nice community for everyone, with super dance lessons by our wonderful instructors.


Members subscription 2018


Since we are a union, everyone who participates in our weekly dance classes must pay a small annual membership fee. The membership fee is automatically added to the class price when you sign up for the first time. Membership is valid until the end of the year and expires automatically if you do not re-enrol in 2019.



This subscription follows the calendar year and is only 100 DKK in 2018. This is regardless of when you sign up during the year.




Dance classes and ballroom classes take place in Danish and English. If there are international participants, the course will be in English.


All children's classes are in Danish.


Changing classes


In the event that we have to cancel a period of classes, you cannot be refunded. But you can switch to another class.

You can change classes in the middle of a period if there are as many weeks left as you have paid for. Then just write an email to




Unfortunately, in case of illness, it is not possible to refund your membership or class membership. This also applies to trial classes.




On the children's classes (subscription)



You can terminate your subscription at any time, with the current notice policy. The registration on the class ends at the end of the termination month plus one month. Upon termination of your registration, please send an email and state: First and last name of your child. When you receive an email from us, the termination notice is valid.

The membership itself expires automatically on December 31, 2018 (like in adult classes).


On adult classes (period payment)


If you do not wish to continue at ElStudio, simply refrain from renewing your membership. Membership expires automatically on December 31, 2018.

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