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SALSA DVD: From Beginner to Easy Exercise

From beginning to easy practice in no time!

For the first time in Denmark, it is now possible to learn to dance salsa at home in their own living room alone

or with a partner. Learn salsa on DVD by Stine Ortvad, Denmark's leading instructor,

and her dance partner Tony from Cuba.

Price per DVD is 75 DKK incl. VAT and postage. Buy it here. Then we will send it the same week.

In this DVD (from beginning to easy) it is possible to learn all the basic steps from the start as well as 13 twists and turns (including La Prima, Basilica, Enchufla, Setenta, Ahorcala, Enrozcala and A Bayamo).

It can be used by both beginners and easily trained who want inspiration. Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes. In addition to 1 hour and 30 minutes, it also contains a music video from Cuba and great pictures from the salsa's homeland.


Stine Ortvad has a very unique teaching form and manages a very inspiring and joyful way to pass on his ability and knowledge of salsa and Cuban dance. Her style is very educational and thorough, making it easy to learn to dance. Read more about Stine Ortvad here.

Salsa on DVD for intermediate and advanced (in English)


If you are happy for being home, you can surprise those you care about with a "Learn Salsa on DVD" by Stine Ortvad, Denmark's best and leading instructor, and her dance partner from Cuba.



We have made two DVDs for intermediate and advanced dancers. One is recorded in Cuba and contains 30 Cuban twists and turns. Go to the submenu "Salsa on DVD for intermediate and advanced". The other is recorded in Denmark and contains 20 twists, in both videos being taught in English



Price per DVD is 75 DKK Incl. VAT and postage. Buy it here.



See a small clip from the DVD here:

Buy a Salsa CD

Salsa CD. Jorge Codero & Los Gran Daneses

It contains both SALSA, TIMBA, SON, CHA CHA CHA.

A CD that's great for dancing, for beginners and intermediate.


The price is 75 DKK Incl. VAT and postage. Buy it here

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