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Here you can read more about our workshops, festivals, salsa courses in Denmark and Cuba and events that we host around Copenhagen. We update our event calendar continuously, so keep an eye on exciting events that might be of interest to you.


Check out the event calendar here.


We have ongoing registration on all our regular classes. You can start whenever you want. See the program here.





Everyone can attend our workshops. You do not have to be a member to sign up. We regularly update new workshops every month. See all our regular classes here.


Check out our workshop calendar here.


We have workshops for both beginners, intermediate and advanced. We update each month with new workshops.

Registration for workshops is binding.


NOTE! Members of ElStudio receive 20% discount on all workshops (you get the amount refunded on your card after purchase).



We host concerts with the best Cuban bands, four times a year. Read more on the front page of

We also work with Club Mambo about events and concerts, where we approx. 4 times annually host events with both teaching and shows.

Every year, we also host a large Latin Festival with both guest workshops, dance shows and live music. See

the program at

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