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The Cuban Culture Club Association wishes to convey the infectious joy of life, and the friendly Cuban experience, as well as knowledge of Cuban dance, music and culture. The association was founded in 2000.


The chairman and initiator of the association is Stine Ortvad, who graduated at the National Dance School in Havana (Escuela Nacional de Arte) in 1998, after 4 years of study. Stine Ortvad has lived 5 years in Cuba and has been working for Cuban dance, music and culture for over 20 years.


The purpose of the association is to create a strong link between Danish and Cuban culture through a wide range of exchange projects, activities and cultural events that can promote the knowledge and understanding of Cuban culture.


The association functions as an informal information centre, where it is possible to gather information about current Cuban cultural activities in Denmark and Cuba, as well as enable links between Cuban and Danish artists. In addition, work is being done for integration and activation of herbants, both young and elderly Cubans.


Any profits from the association's events are used to invest in future activities. Through the association, it is also possible to book classes, dance shows and live music.


Calendar: On this page, you can read more about our upcoming activities. They include Cuban concerts, workshops, teaching and the annual Latin Festival. The site is updated on a regular basis.


Cubakultur v/ElStudio

Blågårdsgade 37, st.

2200 København N

+45 20 98 74 77

Leader Stine Ortvad

Stine is head of the dance school ElStudio and Cuban Moves at Cubakultur.


Stine is the only one from Europe, educated at the National Dance School in

Cuba LA ENA, she has taught and performed for over 20 years.


She is Denmark's best instructor and her specialities are

Cuban Salsa, Show, Salsa, Rumba, Son, Cha Cha Cha, Reggaeton

and Latin Mix, but she also dances a lot of other things; hip hop,

Jazz, Ragga, Waacking, House, etc. Stine teaches alone

and with her Cuban dance partner.


It is Stine that is called when the dancers in

Vild med Dans must have Inspiration.


Stine Ortvad has a unique teaching form and manages an

inspiring and joyful way to pass on her ability and her

knowledge of salsa and Cuban dance. A lot of students has

said about her: "Stine is tough, educational and fun, and you

really learn something at this dance school."


The students who can already dance are greatly enriched by her enormous capacity.


For over 20 years, she has taught salsa and other Cuban and Caribbean dances. She started teaching 20 years ago, after a year in South America and she is educated in Cuba. Today she has her own dance school in Copenhagen and hosts regular courses around the country at dance schools, colleges and at major events.


Stine was one of the first in Denmark to introduce Salsa to the Danish audience.


Stine Ortvad has danced her entire life and started when she was 10 years old at what is now called Stepz Dance School. She has danced all kinds of dance, ranging from Flamingo to Hip Hop since she spent hours at Danseværkstedet.


Already in 1988, she was a year in an intensive dance school course in Copenhagen, a dance institute at Vesterbro. In 1990 she graduated from the drama school in Copenhagen. In 1993 she went to Cuba to start at the National Dance School (Escuela Nacional de Arte) in Havana, where she studied modern ballet, Afro-Cuban dance and the popular Cuban dance Cha Cha Cha, Mambo and Son for five years.


As part of her education, she spent the last six months practising dancing at Cabaret Parisien in Havana and was subsequently on tour in both South America and Europe with Cuban music and dance groups. She graduated in 1997.


Now she performs with her Cuban dance partner and is the lead and choreographer of the Cuban Moves and Team ElStudio dance group.


Stine is also chairman and initiator of the Cuban Culture Club, which she has been leading for over 15 years. She organizes annual concerts with Cuban / Latin American bands in some of the country's biggest venues such as Vega, Amager Bio, Magasinet and Train. She also organizes and leads the annual Copenhagen Latin Festival.


In 2007 she was nominated for the special award under the Danish World Awards, the annual award ceremony for world music. Stine is also often judge of salsa competitions around Scandinavia.


From her performances in television include: Musik hjørnet DR, Tema Lørdag DR, TV Lorry, Boogie, Go' Morgen Danmark, Go' Aften Danmark (TV2) and Vild med dans.


Places she has performed in Denmark: Vega, Amager Bio, Pumpehuset, Baltoppen, Island Brygge Kulturhus, Train, Magasinet, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Star, Diskotek IN, Club Mambo, Århus festuge, Roskilde Festival, Langelands festivalen, Værket in Randers, Slagelse Musikhus, Musikhuset Århus, El Værket, Vesterbro and Nørrebro kulturhus, Herning kongrescenter, Vesterbro and Nørrebro festivalen, Ekko fra Cuba, Viften Rødovre, Kulturnat Roskilde, Kulturnat København, Karneval i København, Karneval Ålborg, Kulturhavn København, Club Mambo, Havana, Latin Festival 2003-2016, and many more.


Performances in Europe: A haven of venues and clubs throughout Scandinavia, including the Hamburg Salsa Festival and A Lo Cubano Stockholm. She has also performed as a singer and dancer in the performance Evita with Sanne Salomonsen in 2003-2004, as well as in a wide range of music videos and other musicals and theater performances at home.

Stine Ortvad midt i en danse undervisning
Stine Ortvad
Stine Ortvad med hendes dansepartner


We collaborate with Djembe (Denmark's only magazine for world music) and the Carnival Society in Copenhagen.


In connection with our events (events and concerts), we have close collaboration about PR and marketing with the individual venues.


Every year, we receive little government and municipal support from, among other things, Copenhagen Municipality, WMD, DAF and DMF.


Our regular sponsors are Havana Club.

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