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We offer dance lessons for bachelor parties, company events, children's birthdays and dance events in Copenhagen and surroundings. We tailor the teaching to suit your needs.


You can come to us or we can come to you, and you can book us for as many hours as you like. We have both our own premises and premises in which we rent. The premises are located all over Copenhagen.


Dance events are for both small and large groups. A dance event must first and foremost be fun.

Our instructors are all educated dancers who can always bring a big smile on people's lips. Everybody can participate, regardless of age and gender, and you do not need any dance experience to participate. With us, you get a fun and festive dance experience, taught by our fantastic instructors.



We offer tuition in the following:


Twerk, Dancehall, Salsa, Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, MTV dance, Showdance, Strip Fitness, Burlesque, Belly dance, Bollywood, Afro dance, Tango, Samba, Reggaeton, Rumba, LatinMix, RetroMix, DanceMix, Jazz Ballet, Modern Ballet, Ballet, Breakdance, Ballroom, Standard-Latin, Bridal waltz and much more!


For Children: Dance Hall, MTV Dance, MGP Dance, Disco, Showdance, Breakdance and Rhythmic Dance

If you have any special wishes, write to us, so you get the dance style you wish for



ElStudio sætter gang i festen!
En stor fællesdans, fra en af vores Latin aftener
Vi får alle med på dansegulvet

The venues we book for dance events are the following:


Premises with bath

Kapelvej 44 ("Dansesalen" in the back yard), 2200 Kbh. N

Østerbrohuset, Århusgade 103, Dansesalen, ground floor, to the left., 2100 Kbh. Ø

Svanemøllehallen, Østerbrogade 240, 2100 Kbh. Ø

Hal C, Arsenalvej 6, 1st floor (Arsenaløen, Holmen), 1436 Kbh. K

DGI-byen, Tietgensgade 65, ND-salen, 1704 Kbh. V


Premises without bath

Kapelvej 44, 1st and 2nd floor, 2200 Kbh. N

Støberiet, Blågårds Plads 5, 3rd floor, 2200 Kbh. N

Vesterbro Bibliotek og Kulturhus, Lyrskovgade 4, 1st floor, "Helgasalen", 1758 Kbh. V

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Islands Brygge 18, Dansesalen, 2300 Kbh. S

Prismen, Holmbladsgade 71, Dansesalen, 2300 Kbh. S

 Send an email to us and we will make a booking immediately for you:

Hold din polterabend sammen med ElStudio
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