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Four times a year we organize intensive dance and music courses in Cuba. It is more than 20 years since we arranged our first course. It often happens that our students return to Cuba with us after some time. When you first visit this amazing salsa island and get the culture and dance under your skin, it is very hard not to return.


If you want to play music, write to hear how it works. This program is not the same as for the dance courses. The courses are organized by the Cuban Culture Club in collaboration with the National Dance School (Escuela Nacional de Arte) in Havana. The teaching is taught by professional Cuban teachers from the school, specially selected among Cuba's bests from ENA and ISA.


It is possible to study at the school after the courses if desired. We can assist in arranging this.


All students get their very own Cuban dance partner who helps and dances on the course. Everyone also receives a diploma from the school in the end. The courses last 14 days and are held in Havana. The Danish travel leader is Stine Ortvad, whom herself is an educated dancer from the National Dance School (Escuela Nacional de Arte) in Havana, where she lived for five years.


Course program


The teaching teams are divided into different levels. 3 lessons are taught daily, Monday to Friday, from 9.30 - 13.00. There are in total breaks for 30 minutes.

The daily program looks like this:


Kl. 09.30 - 10.30: Son, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Afro-Cuban dance

Kl. 10.30 - 10.40: Break

Kl. 10.40 - 11.40: Salsa

Kl. 11.40 - 12.00: Break

Kl. 12.00 - 13.00: Rueda de Casino

After the lunch break, extra lessons can be taken with the dance partner or teacher, but this is something that will be agreed on individually.


Activities incl. in the program the first week


Monday: a guided tour to the Old Town of Havana

Tuesday: In the afternoon we will go together with all Cubans, to the salsa concert after the lessons. Afterwards, we go out and eat in a delicious restaurant nearby

Wednesday: Excursion to the Cuban National Dance School, where you can see the Cuban students train

Thursday: Pure relaxation. In the evening we go out and dance at a beautiful salsa disco by the sea

Friday: At the end of the course, we enjoy all of Cubans by the pool


In addition, there are volunteer activities that everyone can participate in. For example, visit one of the many venues in Havana, where you can experience live salsa concerts, excursions to folklore and dance venues every day. The Folkloristic National Ballet, santeria parties (religious ceremonies), dance theatre performances, an Afro-Cuban museum, cabaret show, beach tours, swimming with dolphins, as well as day trips to Pinar del Rio and much more. These activities are not an organized excursion, but opportunities provided by the guide so that the course participants themselves can go out.


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