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Prices and registration: Salsa Summer Camp

Destination: Bosei Sports College at South Zealand, Denmark

Date of travel: 23. - 29. July 2023


I f you are a man, you do not need a sign-up partner to register but if you do have one then you can save money. Women can only sign up if they have a registration partner of the opposite sex. 

Early Bird! Register for the Salsa Camp 2023 before April 1st and save between 500 DKK and 1000 DKK. Please be aware that you registration is binding.

OBS! Do you need a sign up partner in order to get a discount and you do not have one, then we can put you on a waiting list. As soon as we get one, we will contact you, and it goes for both sex.


Most participants choose to stay at Bosei, but you can also participate as a day coursist, without staying at the school. You get access to all activities, also afternoon and evening. The price includes course, breakfast, fruit and water during the day, lunch, afternoon tea, coffee & cake, daily dinner, and a party dinner the last night. 


The prices include course and all activities, together with accommodation and full board. You can also get a discount for signing up with a "sign up partner". 

Prices until April 1st:

- Without accommodation: 4000 DKK (with a sign-up partner 3000 DKK) 

- Tent that you bring yourself: 5000 DKK (with a sign-up partner 4000 DKK) 

- Double room: 6000 DKK (with a sign-up partner 5000 DKK) 

Prices from April 1st:

- Without accommodation: 4500 DKK (with a sign-up partner 3500 DKK) 

- Tent that you bring yourself: 5500 DKK (with a sign-up partner 4500 DKK) 

- Double room: 6500 DKK (with a sign-up partner 5500 DKK) 

*The sign-up partner needs to be of the opposite sex. It is not required that you dance or share accommodation with your sign-up partner. You do not have to sign up together, but it has to be in the same 48 hours.

We will only release the sale of single rooms if the double rooms are not fully booked.

ATTENTION: Men do not need a sign-up partner now, to be able to get the discount price, as we have a list of women waiting. Just send us an email, before you sign up: 

If you have a partner then the price is the same before and after May 1st. The price only changes if you do not have a partner. 

You do not need to have a sign-up partner in order to sign up 

If you want to obtain a discount then you need to find a sign-up partner of the opposite sex. You can try to find a friend or someone from your network who would like to participate (the person does not need to be on the same dance level as you or someone you live with). You sogn up individually. The discount will be refunded to your card shortly before the course starts. The sign-up partner needs to sign up at the latest 48 hours after you have signed up in order for both of you to get the discount.  

When you have paid for the course via the link, then you are signed up. 

Attention: Women can only sign up if they have a sign up partner, men can still sign up without one. This does not include the Afro & Rumba part, here you do not need to have a sign up partner as a woman and can sign up.

All correspondence regarding the course itself, content etc. please contact ElStudio at

Cancellation policy (updated per 1st of August 2020)

In the case of cancellation, the following rules apply: It is a binding registration, but for cancellations the latest the 1st of May we charge a 600 DKK administration fee. By cancellations the latest 2 months before, we charge 50% of the full amount. If you cancel later than this, there is no possibility of a refund. In case of illness and the like, we refer to cancellation insurances etc. 

If it is us and Bosei that has to cancel, due to the governments guidelines, you get 100% of the amount refunded, except the fee for transfers abroad. 


Salsa Camp party, Friday the 28th of July 2023

Sign up for dinner and party here. Price 300 DKK

Sign up for party here. Price 100 DKK

We end the last day with a big party. This event is open for friends and family. Everyone is welcome. The party is included in the price for the Salsa Camp participants. See last years program on Facebook.

Down below you can see last years prices:

  • Dinner and party from 19.00-01.00. Price: 300 DKK

  • Party (without dinner) from 21.00-01.00. Price: 100 DKK​

All tickets are valid for one person.

Remember to purchase your ticket well in advance. There is a limited amount of tickets and it's first come first serve. 

Tickets has to be bought the latest Wednesday the 26th of July.

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